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Scratch and Dent Arcade Sticks - Vectrex and Colecovision

RetroGameBoyz LLC

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To date as of 2/11/2024 - I have sold over 8000 units worldwide since 2017. I maintain the highest quality standards and customer care. 


$15-$25 OFF Regular Prices

During the fabrication and assembly process, imperfections may occur to the outside / external enclosure and I will not use these during assembly. However, I don't throw them out either and they are taking up way too much room. Some of them look perfect and you can only notice the imperfection under certain lighting conditions. You may not even notice the imperfections on many of them but I do. I have been meaning to put together a "scratch and dent" page with significant cost savings to you. So here it is.

  • All items will be assembled with brand new components
  • Imperfections range from slight scratches, sheen banding around bases, small chips, off color, minor dents, layer shifts or surface imperfections
  • Default White Sold Buttons and White Ball will be used for Colecovision
  • Warranty on internal components still applies
  • Please watch this video to learn more
  • All sales final - no returns on Scratch and Dent items