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Order Status Queue

ALL Intellivision Arcade Stick Pre-Orders from May 2023 have all been shipped!


Please NOTE: (videos below)

Thank you for your patience as I process you orders. Due to popular demand,  wait times have increased.  Arcade sticks and control pads are fabricated and/or built to order and in the order received. This page is updated on a regular basis as I progress with your order to keep you informed. The more orders in the queue - the wait time may increase. Single orders of control pads usually only take 1-2 weeks to ship, but custom arcade stick and modules orders will take longer.

The order # that is up for assembly next will be listed in the table below. Most orders are built in order received, however items that do not require assembly or fabrication may ship sooner and before other orders. So order numbers are not necessarily in any order.

You can contact me anytime using the "contact us" link in the sidebar or mobile menu. I am always connected and reply as quickly as possible.

Date & time

7/21/2024 7:45 PM ET

Orders in queue 21
Orders in fabrication 1
Waiting for assembly or fabrication 20
Order #(s) up next 2274
Order #(s) ready for assembly 2273
Total # orders processed - this site: 1290
Total # units shipped to date - this site: 1519
Last order # in queue #2313
Today's Status Builds continue - I am still averaging 6 to 8 weeks and have been on target.


If you want to check on your actual items ordered, login here. Note if you did not create an account when you purchased, you can still can check your order. Simply Sign Up and make sure to use the email address that you used when checking out.

Please check out these videos to learn more.