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Thank you for visiting and your trust and support. You will be very pleased woth my communicaiton, products and service. I am working on your orders! Many are in the queue, I am about 15-20 business days before shipping! Over 5500 sold worldwide! Be sure to watch my overview and store tour to learn more!

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Please NOTE: (video below)

Thank you for your patience as I process you orders. Due to popular demand, I can have anywhere from a 15 to 20 BUSINESS DAY lead time (build time) before shipping. Arcade sticks and control pads are built to order and in the order received. This page is updated on a regular basis as I progress with your order to keep you informed.

The order # that is up for assembly next will be listed in the table below. Most orders are built in order received, however items that do not require assembly or printing may ship sooner and before other orders. So order numbers are not necessarily in any order.

You can contact me anytime using the 'contact us' link in the sidebar or mobile menu. You can also send me a direct message over Facebook, using the 'message us' button in the bottom right. I am always connected and reply quickly.

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10/17/2021 8:25 PM ET

Orders in Queue 18
Orders in Print 0
Waiting for Assembly 1
Order #(s) Up Next 1197,1198
Order #(s) in Assembly 1196 ( 1 - 5 days)
Number of Orders Shipped 194
Last Order # in Queue #1217


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If you want to check on your actual order status and the list of purchased items, login here. Note if you did not create an account when you purchased, you can still can check your order. Simply Sign Up and make sure to use the email address that you used when checking out.

Please check out this video to learn more.