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Wait time disclosure


You acknowledge the following when purchasing from RetroGameBoyz:

  • RetroGameBoyz is a reputable side-hustle with great communication
  • RetroGameBoyz owner and operator, Mike, has a day job
  • RetroGameBoyz owner and operator, Mike, has a family life
  • Orders are processed in early mornings before day job begins
  • Orders are processed in evenings after day job ends
  • Orders are SOMETIMES processed on weekends
  • You are OK with waiting after paying to receive your order
  • There is an order queue page where you can keep track of my progress. check this page out to see where you might place, based on current orders
  • Most orders are built in the order received. However, 1 item orders that do not require assembly or fabrication may ship sooner and before other orders. 
  • Wait times are disclosed in many locations on the site
  • Order confirmation emails provide an estimated wait time, but could be longer. (Default is 6 to 8 weeks)
  • Due to popular demand,  wait times have increased.  
  • An average wait time can be between 4 to 8 weeks before shipping. This depends on the number of orders in the processing queue as well as the number of items per order and could be longer.
  • RetroGameBoyz sends out automatic notifications on occasion updating customers on where I am in the process.
  • RetroGameBoyz sends out manual notifications when your order is in fabrication and/or assembly and when completed.
  • You can contact me anytime using the "contact us" link in the sidebar or mobile menu or the chat bubble in the bottom right. I am always connected and reply as quickly as possible.
  • You can cancel your order anytime before it is shipped, providing you did not select any optional upgrades that I needed to purchase. If I cannot cancel the optional upgrades that you selected then you will be refunded  the costs of the unit, minus the cost of the upgrades and shipping to send you those upgrades. 

Thank you,