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ALL ITEMS ARE MADE TO ORDER AND IN THE ORDER RECEIVED. THERE IS A WAIT. Thank you for visiting and for your trust and support. You will be very pleased with my communication, products and service. I am working on your orders! Many are in the queue, I can be 6-8 weeks or longer before shipping! Over 7000 sold worldwide! Be sure to check out my customer reviews, video overview and store tour to learn more!

Partners and Affiliates

Retro Repaired - Arcade services

Retro Repaired, LLC is your local source for JAMMA-era arcade PCB and Chassis repair.



Sunnyvale-EastCoast - Console repair and mods

Sunnyvale-EastCoast began as a result of watching an online video of some kid 
blowing up his father’s Atari 2600 “Heavy Sixer”, simply because it wouldn’t power on anymore. Anyone who knows a little about the Atari 2600 will probably know that the “Heavy Sixer” was the first in a very long line of consoles sold in the late 70’s. It introduced us to a whole new world that would shape the home gaming industry as we know it today. And this kid completely destroyed one that was probably easily fixable

iCode - Gaming computers, adapters and electronics

iCode was founded in 1989, and has had an incredible journey over the years with multiple successful hardware and software engineering ventures. Today, iCode continues to expand in areas of IoT devices, electronics, and retro gaming solutions. The iCode blog covers all kinds of awesome development projects, technology how to articles, tips/tricks, and any other technology related topics.