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TROPICAL STORM NICOLE WILL CAUSE DELAYS - ALL ITEMS ARE MADE TO ORDER AND IN THE ORDER RECEIVED. THERE IS A WAIT. Thank you for visiting and for your trust and support. You will be very pleased with my communication, products and service. I am working on your orders! Many are in the queue, I can be 4-6 weeks or longer before shipping! Over 7000 sold worldwide! Be sure to check out my customer reviews, video overview and store tour to learn more!

Vectrex Analog Arcade Stick - Controller Game System Joystick


Regular price $124.95

Vectrex Analog Arcade Stick Demo

NOTE - IF SOLD OUT AND YOU DON'T MIND WAITING - please contact me. When stock says available, that means you can be added to the queue. There is a wait time, currently 4 yo 6 weeks or longer depending on how many orders are in the queue and how many items per order. All my items are built to order. 
  • Please note wait times - and check order queue if you don't mind waiting
  • DB9 plug edges are manually beveled with a Dremel so it can fit into the Vectrex controller port (see pics) (I do the best I can to make it work and look good)

  • Can play ALL Vectrex games and homebrews

What you are getting:

Professionally designed brand new, handmade arcade stick that works great with the Vectrex game system. Perfect for what you need at a great price!

Provides a new way to experience Vectrex games on the original console. 

Vectrex - 4 button Analog Arcade Stick

- Center trim control knobs help you center position vertical and horizontal directions if needed
- A compatible replacement for the original Vectrex controller
- Removable Joystick Top
(- if you want the standard joystick knob)
- Custom designed PCB for connections
- Super responsive Analog arcade stick
- Sturdy and comfortable, with a nice weighted feel
- NEW Black 3D Printed Case - strong and sturdy
- NEW 10ft cable (NOT recycled from old controllers)
- Button 3
- Button 4
- Button 2
- Button 1
- DB9 plug edges are manually beveled with a Dremel so it can fit into the Vectrex controller port (see pics) (I do the best I can to make it work and look good)

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Vectrex Control Pad Demo

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