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Retrogaming Reviews and Mentions

Hear from others, not just me! There are a number of YouTubers, Bloggers and retrogaming enthusiasts that have purchased RetroGameBoyz products and use them in their videos or create product reviews. Scroll down to see a list of the ones I found. If you have a RetroGameBoyz review, please let me know so I can promote your channel and link your video here.

Spriteworx - custom assembly for the ZX Spectrum Next

Sinister Moon - reviews my Atari 5200 Keypad Module Adatper

Mr. Poetstyle shares my origin story and reviews a number of my products

Quick Review from Omega TI

Middle Aged Gamer - RetroGameBoyz Odyssey 2 Game Pad

Full Review

HippoBytes - review my Model 2 - Atari 5200 Arcade Sticks

Mike Matei (of Angry Video Game Nerd / Cinemassacre fame)

Start at 11 min mark:

Immortal John Hancock

Retro Games Fan

Patton Plays

Woody Reviews

The Atari Creep


 Crazy Spencer's Hobbies


FrameRater - talks about what he learned about the Atari 5200 and has an honorable mention of my Atari 5200 Adapter Keypad Module and the issue he experienced with the keypad. It is important to note - that he did not reach out to me so I could address the issue. I had no idea it even happened, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw this in his video. I left a comment, on his video asking why he did not contact me - he just replied with - "I am shy".  ??

So please, customers, if you have an issue, please reach out to me and I will make it right.