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ALL ITEMS ARE MADE TO ORDER AND IN THE ORDER RECEIVED. THERE IS A WAIT. Thank you for visiting and for your trust and support. You will be very pleased with my communication, products and service. I am working on your orders! Many are in the queue, I can be 6-8 weeks or longer before shipping! Over 8000 sold worldwide! Be sure to check out my customer reviews, video overview and store tour to learn more!

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Atari 5200 Controller Control Stick Joystick Arcade Stick and keypad

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I appreciate your patience as I transition over to my new online store. Please note I hand-make all these controllers and they take time to build. I am currently about 6 - 8 weeks (or longer) before shipping on builds and processing orders. I will keep you updated of the progress. You can always check the status of the order on the order status page link sent in the order confirmation email or check out the order queue to see what is in progress.

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Thank for visiting RetroGameBoyz. RetroGameBoyz was a hobby turned side-hustle. Gaming has always been in my blood, but in 2017, I developed a passion for the video game consoles and computers that I once owned as a child; including those that I didn't own. So, I began an effort to grow a retrogaming collection. Around that time, RetroGameBoyz was born when I wanted to share this love of gaming with my father. My father had rheumatoid arthritis - making it difficult for him to hold the original Colecovision and Atari 7800 controllers / joysticks. Seeing him wince in pain inspired me to find another solution. So I modified a NES-004 control pad to be used on an original Atari 7800, which evolved into a legitimate small business with thousands of happy customers, over 7000 units sold worldwide and many models to and products to choose from. All are handmade with precision and care in my workshop using quality materials. I thoroughly test all products on original hardware and hold a high degree of quality care for my customers. Read My Story to see how this "little hobby" became a passionate side hustle.