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Nabu Branded Gamepad Controller Joystick Control Pad


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Created as per customer request for the Nabu computer system.
  • The 1st button (position B) is used for fire 1 (Atari 2600 configuration)
  • The 2nd button (position A) is configured to use the "up" direction for games that require you to push up to jump
  • Faceplate is 3D printed - color and texture may vary
Nabu / Commodore 64 / Atari 2600 - Push Up to Jump

• A direct replacement for Atari 2600 Controller, Nabu or Commodore
• Also works with Flashback 9 an X - check out video:

• Safe for Commodore 64 - follows original Atari 2600 configuration will not damage your CIA chip
• (B) left button (fire 1)
• (A) right button (jump or accelerate) - mapped to "up" direction
• Start and Select - move right and left respectively - works in games that use right and left direction to select from a menu item if applicable
• New 10ft (approx. before assembly)  cable

BRAND NEW Custom Designed Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with gold contacts for longer life (see pics)
• New Black case (GLOSS)
• New buttons (BLACK) and contact pads

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