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Commodore 64GS Game System C64 Controller Control Pad Gamepad Atari 2600 - READ


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The perfect controller for Super Mario 64 on the Commodore 64 using controller port mode 3, look it up it's awesome!

STOP READ THIS FIRST - as I also sell a Commodore 64 configuration that has the 2nd button mapped to "up": See my other listings

This controller is a "true" 2 button controller that works with supported 2 button Commodore 64 games as well as new ports or homebrews that support the 2nd button.
(please note there are only so many 2 button games).

Here are the following 2 button games I am aware of:

  • Chase HQ2 (C64GS Cartridge)
  • Last Ninja Remix (C64GS Cartridge)
  • Myth (C64GS Cartridge)
  • Paradroid Redux
  • Robocop 2 (C64GS Cartridge)
  • Spacegun
  • Super Mario Bros (Zeropaige version)
  • Turrican II (Rainbow Arts)

Commodore 64GS / Commodore 64 - (also works on Atari 2600 - 1 button games)

  • Safe for Commodore 64GS and Commodore 64
  • (If you want an Amiga controller with 3 buttons (action 1, action 2, and mapped push up to jump - check my other listings)
  • (B) left button (fire 1)
  • (A) right button (fire 2 - if supported by game)
  • Start and Select - move right and left respectively - works in games that use right and left direction to select from a menu item if applicable
  • New 10ft cable
  • BRAND NEW Custom Designed Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with durable GOLD contacts or conductive carbon ink for longer life (see pics)
  • New Black case
  • New buttons, contact pads

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