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RetroGameBoyz Colecovision Arcade Stick - Pre-Order


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New Run of (25) Announced
- 0 available - 

This is a pre-order page. Prototype has been designed and tested as shown in pictures and video. Slight color variations may existing in whites and blacks depending on dye lots of materials. 

- ALL SLOTS SOLD OUT - A NEW run of quantity 25 Pre-Orders have now been added. More will be considered in the future as I progress.  - ALL SLOTS SOLD OUT -

NOTE: Buy with confidence. You are protected - cancel anytime, if you place the pre-order and later decide you no longer want it before it is built - you will get a full refund, just reach out to us. (There are multiple employees aware of the orders coming in. )

First come first serve, built in the order received. Wait times may vary depending on how many orders come in. Each item is fabricated individually and hand-built. They take time to produce, so your patience is appreciated. You can see the order queue here

Introducing the RetroGameBoyz Colecovision Arcade Stick

"Bring the Arcade Experience Home"

I loved Colecovision growing up! Those games were amazing. Unfortunately I never had one as a kid, my parent's already bought us the Atari 2600, so I had to envy my friend's. BUT - soon after I moved on to the Commodore 64 and then the Sega Master System and then the NES  (yes in that order) -  Though, I still remember when I visited my friend down the block and played Colecovision. He put in Donkey Kong (which was the pack-in-game) - and started playing. I was blown away - it was exactly like what I recalled from the arcade. Wow! "Let me try" - I grab the original controller and with a disgusted expression I was like - "WTH?!"

Many years later I would revisit this love for gaming with my son and dad, which now in my day is known as Retrogaming. Retrogaming has quite a following and I love being part of this community.  You can learn more what happened in a few of my blog articles if interested. 

What you are getting

  • Black *3D Printed* Base (just like my others - strong, sturdy, aesthetic)
  • 8 way directional Sanwa COPY / CLONE - high quality joystick - white ball
  • Custom PCB controller board
    - A.K.A the  "Sammy Board" (paying tribute to my late dad)
  • Custom Keypad with specifically PCB designed for Colecovision
  • Sanwa COPY / CLONE high quality fire buttons (2) - solid white
  • Wire harness and terminal connections
  • Cable length is 4ft (approx) - If you want a longer cable, please contact me.
  • I can use a 9ft cabled or adjust to desired length. Usually 3' to 4' cable is sufficient. (Note that a longer cable MAY causes an issue with Defender. There is a sporadic issue where your smart bomb is activated when firing the laser. - I only see this when the cable is longer. Defender is the only known game to do this that I am aware of.  (This is game specific) You can use an extension cable if you want a longer cable and don't' mind the Defender issue. I can use a longer cable if you want, but please specify in the notes on checkout and that you acknowledge the Defender issue.

  • Rubber feet on base

*3D Printed parts are all unique and may exhibit signs of travel marks or surface impressions under certain lighting conditions. This a completely normal part of the 3D printing process due to variance in materials, build surfaces and temperatures.  I do my best to make all the parts look as perfect as possible. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just contact me for a replacement or refund. 

Pictures shown are of the initial prototype. Slight variations in texture or logo style may occur - but for the most part will look similar. 

ALSO WORKS WITH USB Vision-daptor - software emulation needs to support it. Tested on PC and Retro Pie - but you need to map the buttons accordingly.

Bring the arcade experience home!

Current Pre-Order Queue - each unit will be individually marked under the joystick dust cover. I attempt to build 1 per day (not including weekends). After 25 units are shipped I will consider another run.

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