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Atari 2600 Omega Race Controller


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What you are getting:

Professionally designed, brand new, handmade game pad that works great with the Atari 2600 Omega Race Game and Atari 2600 1 button games and other Atari 2600 Joystick compatible consoles and computers.  Provides a new way to experience retro games on the original consoles, computers. Also works with Retron 77.

About Omega Race:

Omega Race for the Atari 2600 was a special 2 button game that came with an additional controller add-on, called the Booster Grip Adaptor. It had a piggy back plug that plugged into the 2600 and the regular joystick plugged into back of that plug. This 2 button grip slipped over the original joystick and had a top button and a trigger button, used for thrust and fire with in the Omega Race game. As you may recall the original Atari Joystick only had 1 button.

This time I created a version that works both with Atari 2600 Omega Race and regular Atari 2600 games. Read on to learn more!

• Designed only for Atari 2600 Omega Race game and Atari 2600 1 button games - will not work with 2 button Atari 7800 games
• 10ft cable!
• (B) button - used for Thrust with Omega Race Game
• (A) button - used for Fire in Omega Race and fire on other Atari 2600 games
• Can also be used with Retron 77, Atari 2600, (also Atari 7800 BUT ONLY with Atari 2600 1 button games)
• Custom control pad overlay
• Provides a great replacement alternative to the standard Joystick controllers.
• Provides more comfort to those who have difficulty holding the original OEM console controllers
• Actually makes the the original games more enjoyable to play

• NOTE: Please be aware I found that the Omega RACE Game DOES NOT WORK with the Hyperkin Retron 77 system

• NOT DESIGNED TO WORK WITH Atari 7800 2 button games, ONLY works Omega Race and Atari 2600 1 button games