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Atari 2600 7800 Sega MSX Commodore Amiga DB9 Repair Cable 10 ft


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Cable Colors DO NOT MATCH FACTORY Joystick OEM cable colors

Brand new joystick repair cable for Atari, Sega Master System, Genesis, Commodore 64, Amiga, TI-99, MSX and other DB9 port, 9 wire 9 pin compatible game consoles and computers.

  • Length: approx 10ft (3 meters)
  • Number of wires: 9
  • DB9 female for game console and computer ports

Note: You should always use a voltmeter to test the continuity of the pins of the existing wires in the device / cable to match with the wires on the repair cable.

See pic for wire / pin pairing - (voltmeter not included - used to show how to test continuity) (console not included - used to show how it plugs in)

Wire Color and Pin Mapping:

Pin 1 - RED
Pin 2 - BLACK
Pin 3 - BROWN
Pin 4 - GRAY
Pin 5 - ORANGE
Pin 6 - Green
Pin 7 - White
Pin 8 - Blue
Pin 9 - Yellow