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Odyssey 2 Joystick Controller Gamepad Joypad DB9 Style Plug for DB9 Ports Only

Odyssey 2

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What you are getting:

Odyssey 2 Control Pad

• A direct replacement for the Odyssey 2 game system that has DB9 joystick ports only.
•  (DOES NOT WORK WITH ATARI 2600 or ATARI joystick compatible consoles - see my other listings)
• (B) (fire 1)
• (A) (fire 1)
• Start and Select - move right and left respectively - works in games that use right and left direction to select from a menu item if applicable
• New 8-9ft ft cable

BRAND NEW Custom Designed Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with durable conductive carbon contacts for longer life (see pics)
• New Black case
• New buttons, contact pads

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