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RetroGameBoyz Controller Nintendo NES-004 Controller Performance Upgrade and Repair Kit


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Use this kit to repair or upgrade the look and performance of your original Nintendo NES (NES-004) control pad. Add extra precision and control with a custom made directional pad and thumb stick topped with a silicon grip.

Kit includes:

  1. QTY (1) - Your choice of faceplate (select from list below) - new faceplates added often and I can even customize one for you.
    (Adhesive strips on back, peel and stick!)
  2. QTY (2) Black OR Red OR White replacement buttons (B) (A)
  3. QTY (1) Directional Pad contact pad
  4. QTY (1) Start / Select silicon contact pad
  5. QTY (1) Fire button silicon contact pad
  6. QTY (1) Standard Black Or White Directional Pad
    or Directional Pad with Thumb stick and silicon grip


  • PCB (pictured) NOT included
  • NES controller(s) and Top Loader (pictured) NOT included
  • Make sure you have a functioning board before purchasing
  • PCBs with worn or bad contact points will not work, no matter what parts you replace
  • See attached pics of example conductive carbon contact points that are clean and functional
  • Other faceplate designs available or I can make you one custom for extra fee