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Nintendo NES-004 Controller Performance Upgrade and Repair Kit


Regular price $12.99

Use this kit to repair or upgrade the look and performance of your original Nintendo NES (NES-004) control pad. Add extra precision and control with a custom made directional pad and thumb stick topped with a silicon grip.

Kit includes:

  1. QTY (1) Faceplate / (Adhesive strips included that you apply)
  2. QTY (2) Black OR Red replacement buttons (B) (A)
  3. QTY (1) Directional silicon contact pad
  4. QTY (1) Start / Select silicon contact pad
  5. QTY (1) Fire button silicon contact pad
  6. QTY (1) Black Directional Pad with Thumb stick and silicon grip


  • PCB (pictured) NOT included
  • NES controller (pictured) NOT included
  • Make sure you have a functioning board before purchasing
  • PCBs with worn or bad contact points will not work, no matter what parts you replace
  • See attached pics of example conductive carbon contact points that are clean and functional