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Colecovision Keypad Module - Module Only


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* Control pads and joystick in pictures are not included - if you want one of these control pads, see my other listings. 

The RetroGameBoyz Keypad module - allows you you to use existing RetroGameBoyz Colecovision game pads and RetroGameBoyz Atari 7800 game pads to play 2 button Colecovision games along with full keypad functionality. You can also use Atari 2600 1 button compatible joysticks too. The RetroGameBoyz Keypad Module uses the versatile "Sammy" board inside, the same technology that powers the RetroGameBoyz Colecovision Arcade stick (see my other product listings). Just plug in your compatible controller or joystick in the DB9 input port, plug the module into your colecovision or Collectorvision Phoenix and off you go! 

  • *3D printed case with color inlay letters
  • Versatile "Sammy" board
  • Rubber feet on base
  • 3 x 4 12 button keypad
  • Select cable length

Known Behavior with Defender

  • Note there MAY BE an issue playing Defender. There is a sporadic issue for some reason with longer cables / adapters, where the resistance value may be greater and therefore activates fire button 2 - in turn using your smart bomb when firing the laser with button 1. Defender is the only known game to do this that I am aware of. Note that this would be the same with the factory OEM control pad too when using an extension cable. (This is game specific) 

Compatible control pads

  • RetroGameBoyz Colecovision Game Pad
  • RetroGameBoyz Atari 7800 Game Pad and Arcade Sticks
  • RetroGameBoyz Omega Race Control Pad - 2 button games
  • Atari 2600 compatible 1 button joysticks
  • Sega Master System Control pad (RetroGameBoyx) -1 button games
  • Atari 7800 Joystick - 2 button games

Not compatible with Sega Genesis control pads - Why not? - check out the above demonstration video at the 5:00 min mark to see how a Sega Genesis controller behaves on my system. It may not be a big deal for some, but I wasn't comfortable with the other activity happening when moving the directional bad. I am not sure if it is like this with any other Sega Genesis control pads, but I would not recommend using them.

 *3D Printed parts are all unique and may exhibit signs of travel marks or surface impressions under certain lighting conditions. This a completely normal part of the 3D printing process due to variance in materials, build surfaces and temperatures.  I do my best to make all the parts look as perfect as possible. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just contact me for a replacement or refund. 

Pictures shown are of the initial prototype. Slight variations in texture or logo style may occur - but for the most part will look similar. 

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