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Atari 8 Bit 3 button Joy2b+ support Joystick Control Pad Gamepad - XEGS Theme


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My customers asked me to design this game pad to support a number of games hosted by the Joy2B+ project found here - managed by a very smart and creative gentlemen named Abel. I originally built my control pad through trial and error but Abel has listed a number of ways to modify existing control pads or you can even build your own. You can learn more about the project here . Special thanks to Abel to making me aware of this awesome repository. 

NOTE: This game pad is GAME Dependent - meaning the game must be able to support 2 button games. (as well as 3 button games that support the 3 button configuration - see video)  It has been tested on XEGS game ROMS as well as an Atari 2600 using an Uno Cart with specific game hacks designed to work with 2 buttons. (Princess Rescue, H.E.R.O, Kung Fu Master, Defender 2 (AKA Stargate hack) etc.

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This is a control pad designed to work with both 1 button OEM Atari 2600 and 8 bit computer games as well as 2 button homebrew and game hacks (ROMS) that have been designed to work with Sega Genesis controllers or the Joy2B+ (Joy2bplus) specification and 3 buttons games where supported, For example - Moon Patrol on the Atari XE GS 2 button hack ROM - can be configured to jump, fire front and top shot separately depending on controller mode selected.


Custom industrial printed faceplate - long lasting, colors won't rub off
9-10 foot cord (before assembly) 
Button 1 fire button 1
Button 2 fire button 2 (game / mode dependent)
Button next to Button 1  - (action 3 - but game needs to support this)
Button next to D-Pad (moves left) - does nothing in game

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