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Atari 5200 DB15 to DB9 adapter with Keypad FOR USE with Sega Genesis Amiga Amstrad Commodore Joystick Pad (sold separately)


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Please READ - Built to order - works with most Atari 5200 Games.


NOTE: RetroGameBoyz Atari 5200 "Themed" control pad sold separately 

NOTE: The NEW 8BitDo M30 Sega Genesis Control Model DOES NOT WORK WITH THIS MODULE - 8BitDo changed something and I have no idea what.

This awesome keypad module designed by RetroGameBoyz uses the DB15 to DB9 adapter (see pic of PCB) created by retrogaming enthusiast John Konstantopoylos. John is well known for making this and many other adapters for various game systems and computers. John and I are teaming up to re-sell and promote each other's products. 

This module allows you to use standard retro video game joysticks and controllers that have standard DB9 joystick ports, including RetroGameBoyz Atari 5200 and Sega Master system control pads with the Atari 5200 along with full keypad functionality. 

It will enable you to start, pause, reset and select various menu functions as well as play MOST Atari 5200 2 button games. See below for games that are known to exhibit automatic vehicle / character movement with some Sega Genesis control pads. 



  • 8ft DB15 Cable - can be cut to size - just specify in notes on checkout
  • Wire tension pull may vary depending on part availability
  • 9 pin male input for atari compatible joysticks
  • Supports 2 fire buttons!

Tested Control Pads

  • RetroGameBoyz Sega Master System Game Pad (B and A)
  • RetroGameBoyz Atari 5200 "Themed" Game Pad (B and A) - sold separately or as combo
  • AMIGA - (1 button only)
  • ATARI 8bit - (1 button only)  - Atari 7800 (DOES NOT WORK)
  • ATARI ST - (1 button only)
  • Commodore 64/128 - (1 button only)
  • AMSTRAD CPC - (1 button only)
  • Sega Master System (buttons 1 and 2)
  • Sega Genesis - buttons ( B and C)

You can also plug other adapters which will allow you to connect many other controller devices:

  • Amiga Atari ST Mouse Adapter
  • DB15 PC Joystick Adapter
  • Wireless Bluetooth Joystick Adapter
  • A USB (ps2 compatible) Mouse Adapter
  • And various USB Joystick Adapters

3D Printed parts may show travel marks or imperfections, but I do my best to make it look as good as possible.


Known games that exhibit odd / automatic character / vehicle movement when using different models of a Sega Genesis Control Pad

  • Pengo - Pengo seems to move up on his own (ROM tested) 
  • Millipede / Centipede - ship moves to left
  • Space Invaders - ship moves to the left
  • Kangaroo - Kangaroo moves to left
  • See video for more information: 

If you come across a game that shows odd movement behavior when using this module please let me know. Certain models of Sega Genesis control pads have been identified to cause some auto movement of characters. BUT YOU MAY need to adjust your POKEY on the Atari 5200 main board.