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Atari 5200 Controller Control Stick Joystick Arcade Stick and keypad


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 NOTE: Video shows older version of product - new looks, colors and stick orientations coming soon. 

Professionally designed, brand new, custom, handmade control stick designed specifically for Atari 5200. Provides a new way to experience retro games on the Atari 5200. Let's face it the Atari 5200 controller was a disaster. Even using a rebuilt one still does not provide the comfort and precision control as an arcade stick.

Read the reviews / watch the video below!


  • There have been some model revisions. The Keypad is now embedded into the unit in the center. It is no longer wired directly to the base and or no longer plugged in on the side using a DB15 port. The DB15 port and extra start button on the side has also been eliminated. The keypad provides all the functionality just like the original. Note that videos and pictures might show some slight variations.

DOES NOT WORK WITH ALL Atari 5200 Games 
that require true analog control but that is not many.

    THIS IS A 2 BUTTON GAME STICK - BOTH BUTTONS are independent for 2 buttons Atari 5200 Games

    • A custom replacement for Atari 5200 Controller
    • 3D Printed Base (BLACK) - strong and sturdy
    • 2 trim control knobs to adjust horizontal and vertical directions to center values - (this is common when converting analog directions over to micro-switch)
    • Note: Technically - Trim Horizontal control knob can be used as a paddle in paddle games like breakout if desired
    • High quality control stick and buttons

    • Buttons
      - button - action 1 - chosen color
      - button - action 2 - chosen color

    • NEW 8ft approx. 15pin cable (before assembly)
    • New wire tension pull
    • New zinc and stainless steel bolts, lock washers, and nuts
    • New rubber feet on base
    • Professional assembly, solder connections

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