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Amiga Controller Gamepad Commodore 64 Control Pad Power Stick 3 button


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Amiga 3 button Controller with Push Up to Jump MAPPING

  • New circuit board designed to work with Amiga line of Commodore computers
  • (B) Trigger 1 (i.e. fire)
  • (A) Mapped to pushing up to replicate Jump or accelerate - (games like Turrican in Joystick mode, Rainbow Island etc.)
  • (START) 2nd action (i.e. special weapon, bomb etc. similar to pushing space bar) 

    NOTE: If Amiga game menu configuration selection supports "Gamepad mode"        this usually means the 2nd game action will be jump so therefore START will then become jump when in Gamepad Mode. Recommend using "Joystick mode"

  • (A) will just mimic pushing up
  • New 10ft cable
  • New Black case and custom decal / overlay (public domain artwork)
  • Also works with Commodore 64, Atari 2600 and Atari compatible joystick consoles and computers where (B) is fire 1 and (A) is jump, (Start) does nothing

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