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Vectrex Control Board PCB Control Pad Arcade stick Joystick Circuit Board - ONLY


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Brand new control pad PCB (Printed Circuit Board) designed specifically for the Vectrex system. Currently I use these in my Vectrex control pad, but NOW you can too use these in your own builds to create custom Vectrex control pads and arcade sticks.

PCB fits in standard NES-004 control pad and also RetroGameBoyz branded cases and can be used with micro-switch based arcade sticks that have 3 blades, using Ground and NO (Normally open).

Cannot be used with 2-axis Analog Joysticks.

Soldered plate through holes on button and directional contacts allow you to directly wire up your own arcade sticks and arcade buttons used with your own enclosure.

(requires NO (Normally Open) 2/3 prong micro-switches on the arcade stick.

Vectrex Board Wire #

RetroGameBoyz Wire Color

1 – BTN1


2 – BTN2


3 – BTN3


4 – BTN4


5 – Left / Right


6 – Up / Down


7 - +5v


8 – GND


9 –  -5v


PCB can fit in a standard NES control pad (NES-004 model) or be used / mounted as an internal board for your own Vectrex Arcade Stick enclosure. If using this PCB in an Arcade Stick enclosure, wire up rail wires 1-9 as normal. Then use plated through holes near directional and button contacts on the PCB to attach wires for your joystick and buttons. (see pictures for examples)

Demo of the RetroGameBoyz Vectrex Control Pad:


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